Dual/Poli Tonality

Hi everyone,
I’m curious to know if Dorico 3.5.12 supports Dual/Poli tonality. Just interested in exploring this composition technique.

If you’re asking whether you can have different key signatures in different staves, the answer is yes.

Select the staff, Shift-K, enter the key signature, and close the popover using Alt-Enter or Opt-Enter.

Thank you. This solved my problem.

Hi Dankender,
I was thinking: can I assign different measures to different players? Is that possible?
e.g.: Player 1 has 4/4.
Player 2 has ⅞

Yes, easily. Do you want the barlines to line up? Or independent?

It would be nice to know how to do both, if you could.

To make independent barlines, simply use Shift-M on a staff, enter the time signature, and press Alt-Enter to close the popover.

To align the barlines, you’ll need to search the forum for something like “poly meter” or “concurrent barlines.” Also try “hidden tuplets.”

OK. Will do.
Thank you very much.