Dual screen issue: Plugin size too big for the screen


  • 32 inch 2k main monitor
  • 14 inch 1080p new secondary monitor
  • I resize voxengo SPAN to fill my 14 inch screen
  • I close it
  • I re open it : size is huge and going outside the boundary of the screen
  • Hdpi ON
  • Windows 11

up, anyone? Feel like this one won’t find any solution aha

Have you got the Hdpi mode activated in the preferences ?

yes sir

That will be the reason, the +25 , try it without

just did, as you can see, issue still here. I guess it’s because the main is 2k and the second is 1080p :confused:

Both monitor are set at 125% on windows settings

Have you tried clicking the camera icon (top right) and selecting resize (I think it’s that I’m not with my Pc at the mo)

Is it possible that the camera icon takes a snapshot of the plugin for display in the right zone?

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I have a thing where the plugin is only partially revealed and I have to shift it to the laptop screen then back up to my ultra wide it then displays at the right size, oddly massive x displays incorrectly but if I use tge camera icon to resize it a get a loud feedback sound and have to shut down. Computers are crazy sometimes…


The camera icon just takes a snapshot for me, it doesn’t allow resizing. Voxengo Span is resizeable just by mouse dragging the corner.

I am upping this thread because I am stil having this issue. Everything I re-open any instance of SPAN, it opens at a double or triple size bigger. And it seems to get even bigger and bigger if I close it and open it multiple times in a row