Dual Xeon Build - here are the results

Hi everyone

I’ve posted a few items about dual xeons and cubase. And since I couldn’t have a response, I deciede to build the rig.
Here are the parts used
2 x Xeon E5-2670 - 8 cores, 16 threads, 2,66 Ghz - 3,3 Ghz turbo.
Asus ZPE9-D16
128 Gb. 1800 ECC ram
Nvidia Quadro 4000
Samsung EVO 860 1tb
Samsung EVO 960 2 tb mounted on PCIe adapter
Startech 7 port USB 3 PCIe adapter
Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case
2 x Cooler Mater 212 EVO.
Corsair 1000 watt PSU
Prismsound Titan.

The build was not that difficult, but the cable management is rather ugly due to the length of the power cables. Some day, I will get som extenders.
AFter a little registry hack, I moved the old C drive from my other rig to new build. I took about one minutte until the computer booted and installed the new drivers.

On my old rig, I had a rather heavy project that took about 55% of the average peak and the CPU usage was about 41%. (The old rig was a 4 core 8 thread Xeon X5687 3,6 Ghz processor with 24 gigs of ram. The other hardware is the same as the one in new rig. I simply moved it.)

On the new rig, the average peak dropped to 15% and the CPU usage was … 7%. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Everything ran extremely smooth and I could do paly around with waves, softube, lexicon, Komplete and all the other stuff I have. Not a single sign of lack, hickups, cracks or pops. And the latency was set to 64 samples on my soundcard.

After this little test, I must say. Are dual xeons worth using in Cubase 10? I must say yes. With a total of 16 cores and 32 threads, 2 x 20 mb of cache on the processors and and insane amount of PCI lanes, I would say I have a rig that will last for years.

Downside… it is rather noisy.

nice :slight_smile: