Dualboot-System -> One activation?

My Intel-Mac has both, a Mac and a Windows (-Bootcamp) partition.

When activating Pianoteq, it automatically detects that Mac and Windows are sharing the same hardware. That means when I activate Pianoteq on the Mac partition, the same activation slot is used for the Windows partition.
What makes sense, since it’s impossible to boot both partitions at the same time.

My question is, if we can expect to see this feature on Steinberg Activation Manager also, for a future version?

I’m afraid we use different methods to identify the computer hardware on Windows and macOS so this isn’t something we are able to handle. (I don’t have any insight into how Pianoteq deal with this situation.)

Thank you Richard for clarifying.
I don‘t see this advertised at Modartt anywhere, but it‘s working that way on both my MacBook Pro 2019 and Mac Mini 2018.