Dubble notes when recoding midi

Hi all
Been having a strange problem for about a week now not sure what has coursed it or i may be over looking something

not sure if any of you have had this problem, when I record midi it is recording double notes layered on top of each ather was very hard to notice at first, when I went into midi edit to delete some notes i needed to click delete twice thought it was me not clicking at the correct place untill I wanted to move some midi notes into place and there it was another note under it in all of the recording, that ment if I played a 1000 notes it would be 2000 recorded not good for asio.

This would happen in all Cubases VSTs and 3rd party VSTs

Strange thing is done 3 projects over a couple of weeks now and have opened those projects and there are no double notes unless I wanted to layer them my self to give a richer sound and so on.

not sure what has triggerd this. or why dont you check your own recording you may be doing it with out knowing.

could be a reason for high asio readings in your recordings.

any idea on this


Cubase5.1 windows7, core duo

Make sure you use the specific MIDI Input port and not All. If still no, look to the MIDI Timing link in my sig.

Thanks mashedmitten

no more double notes problem solved, I can not recall doing this before but it has canceled out double notes wheeeeeh. : ) I was getting worried.