i want to recreate a classic dubstyle delay by routing a delay bus out back into the same delay bus in.
Is this possible inCubase Pro 9??

Pretty sure this isn’t possible. Steinberg have implemented a system to avoid possible feedback loops. The mixer simply wont allow you to send something that could be sent back into itself down the line somewhere. If you have an external mixer & delay you could go around it. I could be wrong about this as it was quite awhile ago that I last tried it. Maybe they have added it in somewhere? I know that Reaper can do this but you have to change a preference setting to allow it.

Thanks for the answer!
What a shame that Steinberg hasn´t implemented it.

As Rotund wrote you can use a physical feedback.
But there is an alternative.
I’m pretty sure you can do this ITB with virtual audio cable or voicemeeter.