Dubstep bass sounds in Halion 4?

I’m currently on vacation but I need to prepare my self for a project I will have to start working on right after I get back home. In this project I will need a variety of basses typically used in dubstep. Wobbling, angry, biting basses. Are these type of bass sound(s) present in either the Halion 4 factory library or in any of the additional content sets ? I got all the content sets, it’s just that I normally don’t do dubstep so I’m lacking knowledge of what Halion 4 can do for me in this area. Please chime in.

Of course Halion 4 can do that.
You’ve got 4 osscilators a pack of filters, 4 LFO’s and some distortion units.
You don’t need any content set for that :wink:

Thanks. I guess I was hoping for an experienced dubstep producer to tell me his not using anything else than H4 and to point me to a few good presets he can’t manage without :sunglasses:

Guess I have to do it the usual way - the way you suggest - make them myself.

I see you have NI Komplete. If I where you I would use Massive for the job if you want fast results or Reaktor when you want to dig a little deeper. I released some dubstep in the past and still do bassmusic and for quick results Massive is my (and a lot of other bassmusic producers) weapon of choice. Although I’m experimenting with Halion 4. The sound it generates is “massive”, but switching pages and scrolling around is a bit of a PITA compared to NI’s Massive.

You’re right. Wavetable osc seem to be the way to go which makes Massive a good alternative.