Ducking ducks but doesn't immediately show up

This is a very minor annoyance but I thought it might be worth mentioning. In version 12, when I apply the ducking function in a montage (I’m editing, mixing, and mastering a radio show so it’s stereo music on track 1 being ducked by a mono announcer on track 2) it does not immediately show me the visual representation in the ducked track. It HAS ducked it, the duck is audible when I play it, but it doesn’t show me the duck until I scroll or zoom in or out. I’ve gotten in the habit of applying the duck then immediately just zooming out and back in to make it appear. It’s a minor quirk that I can live with if I have to, but I figured it would be an easy fix for a future updated version.

Thanks, I can reproduce.
Note that there is an alternative functionality to the manual ducking you mention:

hi PG, is it possible in the future that there could be a visual representation when using the auto ducking controls in the future?
it works well as it is, and have no problems using it, but the ability to tweak some of the auto ducks manually by eye (I do it on the volume envelope anyway right now) could be awesome in a future update, I don’t know how many people would benefit from that however or if it would just get in the way, but it was just a thought

Good idea, we’ll see.