Duelling Triple Monitors

I am looking to duel only 2 desktops in Windows 10, whilst having another show the Cubase Mixer panel.

Windows has mirroring in Display Settings and should allow 1 and 3 to be identical. 1 and 2 are identical 27" and the third is a 22" different make. My graphics card is a GT730 with 3 video outputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA.

With that I can have 3 separate screens running in Cubase. I can also get 1920x1080 on all screens, but mirroring makes the screens default to something like 800x600 - not widescreen - and monitor 1 fits an old school monitor size with borders on the left and right. Resolution is also greyed out.

The third monitor is in my newly built vocal booth. I can’t see out of the booth so I need a monitor to control volume levels inside the booth - headphones/mic/fx etc. That works fine, but I can’t see the track locator, so I want to duplicate screen 1 to screen 3 to see the track location, with a mixer above it as needed… unless somebody has another option for showing up track locators on a third screen inside Cubase?

If I could see the track locators on screen 3 and skip through the track then I don’t need to mirror. I don’t know any such function in Cubase. Transport Bar is the closest I can get to that, but its still a bit awkward.

I have figured out one solution. Would be nice to have a duel monitor, but I can un-maximise Cubase, move the main window across to screen 3 and then maximise it in there.