Dumb old man question about VST on new Macs

I Just got a Mac mini M2 with Sonoma.
Only VST3 plugins show up.
That is correct…correct?

And should I just throw my old VST folder in the trash as I confirm I already have the VST3 version, or that it hasn’t been updated etc?

If your Mac has a M1 (“Apple Silicon”) CPU or later, Cubase 12 and 13 can only run VST2 plug-ins in Rosetta mode.

You can safely trash your VST2 plug-ins if you think you wont be using them again. But if you have any old projects using these plug-ins, I would recommend rendering any tracks that use them using either Cubase’s Export options or Render in Place first.

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Mine is an M2.
I’ll have to look at Rosetta Mode (don’t even know what that is).

I do have a few projects in progress and one that has been dragging on forever. Will definitely be missing some plugins in those.

Hopefully I can avoid trying to reopen things to render on the old computer. That sounds like a nightmare (authorizations etc).

OK THANKS! So now I can just dig through the old VST Folder and delete the ones that I have a VST 3 updates on? Nice. Thanks for saving my butt

And oh yeah…

I just realized that I will have to keep the old versions of plugins so they will load from old sessions? I would transfer them to the VTS3 versions if I want to purge the old versions?

Don’t delete them just yet. They SHOULD in theory just swap out the VST3 version with the VST2 when its found, BUT…

If the Dev did not take advantage of this feature in VST3, that won’t happen and you’ll still need those plugins installed so you can switch them out manually or just render the tracks as audio.

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You can select the Cubase icon in the finder, hit “command-i,” and click on “run in rosetta.” That will let you use most old VSTs

So yes, I’ll do a gradual check/migration.
Will be interesting to see how obvious the speed difference is.