Dumb Question about CC Data Automatically Written by Dorico

So I am very happy with my experience in Dorico. Right now, I am using the expression maps to tie the dynamics data to CC1 (mod wheel) and CC111 (Expression) as a secondary dynamic for the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra. I love that Dorico automatically write in my crescendos, but I noticed the curve written is not smooth; it’s jittery like a highly granular staircase, so to speak. Is there a way to make it smooth? I couldn’t find info on the forum or in the manual about this.

All CC data is ultimately “jittery” to some degree because it has to be discretised when it is output to the plug-in: it can only have values between 0 and 127 and it can only be set at a maximum resolution of once per tick. However, in practice you don’t need to set it anything like as often as once per tick, so in order to make the amount of data that is output manageable, Dorico discretises it at a fine resolution, but not so fine as once per tick. When it renders the line that shows what is actually output, it looks like it’s jittery, but in fact all you’re seeing is each individual value that is output. The resolution is sufficiently fine that you won’t hear any discontinuity in the produced sound.

So the long and the short of it is that you don’t need to worry about it.