Dumb Question Du Jour: 'Audio Retrospective Record'?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but over the years I occasionally see a post that implies there is an audio analog to Retrospective Record… and I wonder if it’s some deep secret I just never got a memo on.


If it was a deep secret you probably couldn´t find anything in the manual about it…

If I had a coin for every poorly documented (or undocumented) feature I’ve been alerted to over the past 11 years?

I’d have a lot of coins.

Just wondering.

You mean undocumented features, or those, you weren´t able to find (for whatever reasons). How often do I read here “it´s not in the manual”, when things clearly are, and are not really hard to find. Now if I´d get a coin for that, I´d have many coins…

It cuts both ways… yeah people post a lot of RTFM questions. But OTOH, the docs were and remain fairly awful given a product this complex. And by awful I mean poorly indexed for keywords/synonyms and, like an old programming or physics text, makes sure to include only the bare minimum with as few examples as possible. The doc writer is very talented. But either he’s just got his hands full getting it done, or it’s a cultural thing—I’ve noticed other German companies with the same ‘textbook’ style.

But like any good knowledge, who -cares- if it’s been asked 500 times? If someone new asks the same question, what’s the harm in posting the 501st answer?

Should I be worried the Internet running out of bits?

The target audience is -musicians-. Creative types. Not physics majors. A certain impatience with ‘tech’ should be tolerated and encouraged.


Maybe we should all rtfm more but you get more out of the forum. Like the answer to your question, which you don’t seem to have had yet.

Yes, there is Audio Retrospective Record. It’s in the Prefs under Record-Audio but can only go up to 1 minute so it’s of limited use but is pretty indispensible for catching performances that come in early.

Maybe I should start to use that. Instead, I always punch in to the left locator to start recording (overdubs), and I set it way earlier than the actual overdub start time. So if I come in early I’ve got it covered, and otherwise, I just trim off the “Overlap”.

From Alexis’ Little Book of Inefficient Workarounds (to problems that don’t exist in the 1st place!).


1 minute could be useful… and certainly better than nothing.

OK… For posterity: It’s called Audio Pre-Record… Which is why I couldn’t find it when I searched for ‘Retrospective Record Audio’. (That’s what I mean by poorly indexed docs—there are so many features that you can’t find if you don’t know the proper lingo. The other issue is that the docs are no longer organised like the program—ie. you can’t just go to a PREFERENCES chapter and look up each item in the Prefs Menu as you could in earlier versions.)



Actually, you can, kind of. F1 still works as it ever did in the Prefs window (although that might be the only place now). Not exactly all on one page but handy nevertheless and you could always paste the pages into a single doc for printing and a bit of bedtime reading. Well worth a read, quite a lot has been added of late.

Cheers, C

This topic of Audio Pre-record rang a bell with me, but I couldn’t quite remember what it was. I went back to my notes and found what I was thinking of:

In short, there might be a need for a little caution if the value is set to non-zero, in that setting Audio Pre-Record to 0 seconds was a workaround to a problem with audio event timing problems when switching to musical mode, http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5259#p46447 (they were “nudged” out of position with each switch to musical mode).

That’s an old thread (3-11), and I don’t know if # 28338 as entered by Chris Beurmann in DevTrack
( http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5259#p37781 ) has made its way into a fix/upgrade yet, but I’ve kept mine set to zero ever since.

Does anyone know if this is still an issue, or is it now safe to set the Audio Pre-record value to non-zero when switching audio events to musical mode?