Dumb question from an old guy

How can I tell if I have Halion Sonic full version. When I bring up VST instruments I get Halion Sonic SE only.
I know I purchased the full version but I don’t see it and the Halion instrument window does not match that in the manual. Am I losing it or just like so many others have a Halion Sonic SE problem. Under search Halion Sonic SE
you will see many people with a similar issuse. There seems to be no uninstall either for the SE

I suppose you could start by looking on your elicenser if there’s a license for HS.

Yes, I went to my elicenser and found Cubase 6 and Halion Sonic 1.x . Is that Halion Sonic full version. If so, why
do I get Halion Sonic SE in the VST instrument? Guess I’m just confused or something.

You would have to install the full version separately, it would even have its own packaging I believe.

Also, did you check your plugins menu - do a rescan, perhaps its there just not enabled?

Yes , it does have it’s own packaging. Two DVD’s which I installed. Said it installed successfully. Don’t know
where to find it. Thanks guy’s for the advise.

Just checked the Plug-in Information. It only shows the Halion Sonic SE and is checked to operate. So where
could the Halion Sonic Full Version be? Do I need to reinstall the Halion Sonic again and if I do, do I have to
get another activation code?

Do I need to reinstall the Halion Sonic again

If it’s not showing up in PlugIn Information then yes, it might not be a bad idea to try another go at installation as a shotgun approach.

and if I do, do I have to get another activation code?


Thank you so much for your input guy’s. I may have had a compute and Cubase for some time but I’m
still not all that good at using them.

Hi Again Guy’s,

Well, I reinstalled Halion Sonic the full version and it appears I now have the full version( I think ).
Halion Sonic Se still shows up in the VST instruments and Halion Sonic does not. I think,
however i can live with it this way. I just can’t figure out why the SE appears. I click on
Halion Sonic Se and there is more there than before for sure but not the window that is in
the manual. Close but no cigar. I want to thank you all for your help. I do know many, many
people have a problem with Halion Sonic SE “error”. I have that also but am aware there is no
uninstall for Halion Sonic SE. Steinberg in their infinate wisdom put the SE in Cubase 6 as a
tease for us to buy it when the trial time ran out. One would think Steinberg would have
included an uninstall with the trial, but no they did not.I call that really thinking ahead for
their customers and don’t forget, that’s what we are. It’s not a nickle and dime program is it.
I would guess hundreds of hours have been wasted on the “error” problem alone. Thank you
Steinberg for keeping our busy hands out of trouble. I didn’t know you were our parents. :imp:

HI Jack, if you have the full version of C6 (as I do) Halion Sonic SE does not expire, but if you loaded the trial orchestral sound sets, those are time limited. But there are upto around 1000 sounds that come with it free and unlimited.

I previously paid (in C5 days) for the 16bit version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra, that had its own GUI, but when I went to C6, i could then use that same license for the new and improved HSO sound set within the SE interface. A tad confusing. But, I I read this correctly, you should have a separate GUI for your full HalionSonic… Perhaps someone from Steinberg could chime in ???

I feel for you, I just found the other day that my HSO sound set has vanished from the SE gui, still trying to sort that out. :open_mouth:


Hi Northwood MediaWorks,

Thanks for the input. Wish I could help you but as you can see I’m not knowledgeable on Halion enough to
be of any help. It’s hell to get old and rely on you young people.

Heh heh! Its like children at the wheel of the car sometimes! Ackkk!

Aloha Jack,

From one old guy to another.

You may be old but you are a pretty smart person
because you decided on C6.

Just give it a lil time and one day soon everything will just fall into place.

As a teacher I live for hearing my students say:

"O now I get it’!


So by your logic, I’m old but didn’t buy C6, so therefore I’m dumb, thanks for that :smiling_imp:


I bought C6, but did not install it. In fact, I only installed C5 upon receipt of C6.

So, what does that make me?


PS - I am also certifiably “old”

You guy’s are not dumber than me but rather smarter, I’m sure. You at least know how to
solve some the problems that come, as a bonus with Cubase, where I do not without your help. :ugeek:
Once again, thank you very much, you guy’s. I’m finding my questions are contrary to the old saying –
“It’s not the questions that are dumb. It’s the answers.” Guess I’m the exception to the rule. Oh well.

Aloha Paul Bryce,
I must apologize.
I try to be very precise in my posts but often I fail.

I purposely did not post the word ‘buy’.

If one ‘decides’ on C6 they are smart.
So you and Swamptone (as a Cubase users) are smart.


Nice save! (almost!) :laughing: