Dummies guide to moving your library

Where is.

Loading the Halion Library manager

a) Click Move - get the message " Cannot be moved. Make sure that the files are accessible and that all processes that may use the library are closed"

Reboot and load the manager, still get the message.

b) Installed tab, moans there are multiple versions of pretty much everything? Why?

So is there a dummies guide on how to move the libraries to somewhere else?

Think of unintalling all my Steinberg software and starting again.

You may have installed the libraries originally without the checkbox “Install for all users”, or you may need to run the Library Manager “as Administrator”.

The Details button will show where the duplicates are. If you have a shortcut somewhere pointing to a .vstsound file, it seems to show up twice. Not easy, but you need to make sure there is only one reference to each file.

I don’t have a simple method so it might be quicker in the long run to uninstall all libraries and start again, it doesn’t take as long as you might think now that there are no more DVDs involved. The Library Manager is a good idea though, hopefully it can be extended to simplify management of older libraries as well.

Thanks for that. I always install things for every user. But the run as admin worked a treat.

Seems Halion 6 has installed quite a lot of things to c:\programdata whereas previous installs have used c:\users\name\appdata etc.

Taken me about an hour to unpick it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I wrote a longish post about the installation process over here based on my own experience. In a nutshell, if you have large content files on your C: drive and you want to move them, you just need to place a shortcut in the original location with the exact same name as the file you moved.

On Windows 10, to locate the hidden folder click “Search Windows” and type: