Dummy Question - 64 bit on a Macbook?!

Hey, maybe it would be more effective to post stuff like this somewhere in the hardwaresection of the cubase forum, but my heart is here - in the Nuendo board.

So I am using 64bit Nuendo on Win7 since a while with more or less no issues beside the fact that I am still in the 32 bit UAD software cause I have UAD1 cards and some other not-Nuendo-related things…

I have projects with a lot of sampling/synth who needs to be opened in 64 bit - and now I want/need to run them on my 2011 Mcbook Pro (8gb ram). The Macbook should be able to handle the projects - but I do not have a clue what to do. I never installed 64 bit versions of Nuendo and/or all the plugins - usually I would say I can’t remember having seen dedicated 64 bit versions in the download sections…

So maybe there are some smart persons who could assist me here? What to do?

Thanks in advance,

Go to your applications folder, select Nuendo, hit “command-I” or “get info” from the Finder file menu to get the info box, and de-select “open in 32-bit mode”.

That’s basically it.


Oh! Great! I would never have been able to figure that out… Thanks!

And what about plugins? Are those typical installers both? In Win7 we have to install everything twice and stuff…

That I cannot tell you… I’m running in 32-bit and don’t know much about jumping over to 64. But I bet there are others here…

I’d open in 64 and see what shows up!


Basically there is one version of file with extension *.vst or *.vst3 - it is up to vendor if plugins support both 32 and 64. You need to look into plugin manager in Nuendo if your Plugin paths are correct and plugin is not visible thus there no 64.

Some plugins are able to run with VST Bridge - but for me it is unstable - and it has very stupid workflow (dimmed monitor with plugin in center and you are unable to control nuendo’s other control).

All plugins are typically stored in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/[VST|VST3] or under custom folder (VST2.X)

Best approach is to do research on plugin maker website or post list of plugins and we can tell you.

Or you can use very cheap application called jBridge for Mac http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/

About using 32 bit plugins in 64 bit Nuendo, the system become pretty unstable. jBridge helps a lot and is VERY cheap.

The whole 64 bit plugin thing is in very immature state yet and we should blame Steinberg for not providing a good way to load 32 bit plugins reliablely. A trustable 64 bit DAW that loads 32 bit plugins (80% of the plugins available) is a must. When working in a medium or large size projects in 32 bit, the 2.x GB RAM barrier is passed very soon, making the whole DAW very unstable.

Of course I am using jBridge since a while in the studio (Win7) - on the Macbook I usually had no bigger projects so I just did not care if 32 or 64 bit, just the default setup for very occasional work from time to time. Great that he released a Mc version finally !

Thanks Thomas for the great info, I will dig into this - in my case it would be enough to have Nuendo in 64 bit (incl the stock plugins) as well as the VSTis - Sonnox and Waves (which I used in the projects as well) are 64 bit so I most likely can use the versions I already installed.

Am I right when I say there are no separate 64 bit installers for the mac platform? Is the plugin “both” when it is 64 bit ready?


BTW the most easy way for me would be just to render the VSTis in one stereo track - basically in a track called “keys” - all I want to do is tracking drums to an already recorded album (guitars, bass and a lot of keys based on Halion 4,5 and others) - I need to use the Laptop because I have to record myself (playing drums and recording it) so I can not sit in the control room while doing this…

That way the projects would be small and fast. I am just curious regarding the 64 bit thing because it could not hurt to have it sorted.

Yes. Since you brought this up the other day I’ve done a couple of pretty sampler-intensive cues in 64-bit mode. UAD was a pain, per Tomas’ description, but everything was stable…