dump question but??????

why are some of you guys using win 8? I cant stand it!!! nothing works well on it,win 7 64 is the ticket

Because it’s by far the better, slimmer, smoother and faster than anything steinberg have ever released! Apart from a few niggles preference wise, I’m loving it! Completely different experience to C7 & C7.5 release!

I think you misread the question it was about WIndows 8 not Cubase.

I agree with the OP (although not his choice of a subject title). I got a new DAW a few moths back from a dedicated DAW builder and got Win7-64. They did have the option of Win 8 but they said I’d only want it if I was using a touch-screen.

Win 8 is by far the best OS I’ve ever used … no clue what your issue is with. Everything runs faster, the OS take less memory, is better with SSDs, better with multi-processors and host of other big things. It is also VASTLY more stable than Win7 .

And that my friend is the true Ticket. don’t delay … get Win8

i have win 7 64 on the daw comp and it has never been off since i built it! never crashed once…i do have 64gb mem so there is no paging file and ssd’s run great