[DUPE]8.0.10 Default Crossfade still not fixed

glad for some of the improvements in this version but i am casting my vote for fixing the broken default crossfade on the NEXT update. having to open the fade editor every time i do a crossfade slows down my workflow quite a bit.

thank you

Its noted internally at SB with designation [BON-8265]

There’s also another general thread on the go:-

We can only try a few choice bumps to the topic over the coming weeks, to help ensure its fix is included in the next update.

Yes, please!

Huge +1 and also please fix the ruler zoom that doesn’t follow the mouse pointer issue :unamused:

I confirm. My work-flow is now very slow when have to correct hundreds of crossfades manually.
Let us all shout with loud voices at Steinberg to make them hurry to repair that annoying mistake.

Another ‘shout’!

I’m all for having this fixed but, mine works perfectly as is. And I use it all the time.

So is mine the actual broken one because it works or is this a problem for only a few?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi guys,

we’ve heard you. As always I can’t promise anything (because a lot can happen between today and the day the next update is released) but it certainly looks promising to get fixed for the next version. Fingers crossed!

All the best

Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I did the ‘safe mode’ way of removing prefs. It worked.

Default crossfades back to normal.

Now what is more strange is that I chose the delete prefs option after, yet still have all of my templates and settings. Only no recent projects are listed.

The crossfade issue is no longer one for me. Works as it should now.

I remembered hearing something about preference folders being used from previous versions of Cubase when installing new updates, and to delete them. I wonder if that has something to do with the strange behavior here?

So… is there a temporary “work-around” for this issue until Steinberg fixes it?

Please list the steps