[DUPE]C8 crash on selecting track

hello all

I have been suffering crashes on clicking from a plugin window, or mixer or pretty much anywhere onto a track. I have had this crashing when clicking to a plain audio track as well as midi, instrument, you name it. I use solo a lot and it seems even more flaky when clicking from a soloed track to another (thus making the program un-solo that and solo the new track).

I have seen this in C7 as well however and possible C6.5 before that. It doesn’t always do it but it does it enough to make me really sad.

  1. load track
  2. solo
  3. click on 3-4 tracks
  4. crash

I have to restart CB approx even half an hour to 1 hour despite using kid gloves. It might be related to editing tracks created in older versions of Cubase, but lets face it most of my music is from older versions :unamused:

Is this related?

Anyone else getting this behaviour?

Are there any fixes being worked on?

please help!! :cry:


Right, I have found a “work around” for this - at least I think I have found the feature that is causing all of my crashes in both C8 and C7.5!

There is a bug in the way CB executes “Enable solo on selected track” way of operating solo but if this is disabled

Editing ->Project & mix console -> enable solo on selected track (untick)

…and the toggle method is used then there seem to be no issues at all.

C7 and earlier work fine with enable solo on selected track, which is what I believe the standard soloing operation has always been.

This feature is extremely important to my workflow so I won’t be disabling it but would appreciate some focus from SB to fix this long standing issue.



Still suffering with this issue :neutral_face:

I have just cleanly installed Cubase 8 on a brand new Mac book pro and I get the same crash, every time without fail.

  • Create new song with 8 audio tracks.
    Enable “enable solo on selected track” in preferences
    Click solo on one of the tracks.
    Restart Cubase + load previous song
    Straight away (still on solo mode) click on other track titles

This is an issue in the handling of track versions as it doesn’t do it if you click on other bits of the track e.g… not the title.

Please can people with C8 Mac verify this happens for them too?



This can be closed.

Now collected as a bug


Sure, I will lock it, but first lets add the link to the original bug report: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=83445

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