[DUPE]Cubase Pro 8.0.5 FXpansion Maul GUI-presets non select

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When using Cubase 8.0.5. and FXpansion Maul as an effect plugin it’s impossible to choose presets from the drop down menu. The only way to switch preset is by clicking on the arrows in the topbar and going down/up one at a team. Each menu that is a drop down is not working. The menus come down but nothing happens when you choose a setting/preset.
Furthermore it seems like Maul is using a huge amount of processing-power in some presets. I can’t imagine that this is anything else than a bug also.

I got this response from FXpansion (which I’m not very satisfied with):


Can you please revert to Cubase 8 and try to replicate the problem again? There are known issues with 8.05 and other plug ins, but 8.0 is reported to be functioning properly (Cubase related issue).


FXpansion Audio

I know of other companies that have change their plugin to Cubase and not the other way around. Autotune 8 was not functioning in Cubase 8 Pro and they released an update.

What do you people think about that?


this is known, reported and collected. The fix version is the forthcoming 8.0.10.

FXpansion told you the only known work-around, as this is a bug introduced in Cubase 8.0.5, caused by a fix to a similar issue that 8.0.5 addressed.
[Edit: There is another work-around, actually. Holding down the mouse button after the click should allow your to select the preset. Should also work with Maul.]

The “responsibility” to fix a bug pretty much depends on the bug itself.

Hope this is useful information. I’m closing this thread as it is a duplicate issue.

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