[DUPE]Many Kontakt instances causes crash after two hours

  1. Open Cubase Pro 8.
  2. Load any Project with aprox 10 GB RAM of Cubase usage. (30 Kontakt instances… each one as an Instrument Track. No HMT, no MIDI plugins nor audio plugins loaded on them).
  3. After two hours (it happened to me each two hours since load the project over and over in one day) Cubase crashes. In some cases, seconds before Cubase crash I get an error that crash Kontakt and automatically Cubase too).

Cubase seems to use more and more RAM per minute (even without do anything).

Sounds like RAM memory leak?
I use Kontakt heavy, haven’t seen this yet though.

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I think it is. Since you open Cubase PRO 8 you notice a memory leak even if you don’t open a session.

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It seems to be related this issue: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=70155
I am marking it as duplicated and moving it to the miscellaneous forum.

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