[DUPE]Metronome stops sounding

For the past few sessions now, the metronome has stopped sounding as a result of me practicing whatever MIDI sequence on my controller.

My steps.

  1. Stop all playback
  2. Play a bit on my controller through a VSTi.
  3. Try to record, and the metronome won’t sound anymore until I close and re-open the application. Same also seems to go for playback’s metronome.


I have exactly same problems! :cry:

when is a update for this big problem ?

The one solution I found in there, that it only happens when pressing the * button, isn’t really what’s happening in my case. It’s happening no matter if I click record on the transport or press *.

What I have found is that this mainly happens when I try to record starting from somewhere other than the beginning of a bar. The ‘click’ stays gone until I go to VST Connections and disable → enable “click” on the main output.

Another thing has been happening, that is definitely a glitch: a single ‘click’ will sound when there’s nothing playing. I’ve also gotten the ‘click’ during playback when it’s turned off in the transport.

Check out the ‘Known Issues’ document!


Please search the forum before you post guys, this is a duplicated post and a known issue, it will be fixed on the next maintenance update.

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