[DUPE]On vanishing VST Plugin Menus

This isn’t really a new post. It’s more of a follow-up to [BON-5696] - I’d like to suggest you add some more information to your Cubase 8 “know issues” document regrading Vst instrument plugins having drop down menus that disappear.

I experienced this menu problem when using my Play VST instruments in each new Cubase 8 project.

Your Cubase 8 known issues document suggests that turning off the VST Plugin “always on top” option in Cubase preferences can solve it. But this alone didn’t solve the problem for me. In my case, here’s what I had to do to get the Play menus to work in new Cubase 8 projects:

After adding a new Play instrument track, I would choose to edit the instrument. Then, in that instrument’s own “Player” view, I had to:

  1. Right click my mouse in the border of the plugin’s own window (the border just inside the outermost “Cubase” border) This opened a new drop down menu.

  2. From this menu, I then DE-selected the default option of "Always on top " (removed the check mark)

Then the menus worked.

I had to do this for each Play instrument interface I used (for Goliath, Orchestra, etc.). Now the drop down menus for all my Play VST plugins work as before.

Until your next bug fix release, please consider updating your Cubase 8 “know issues” document to include this second step in cases where changing the “Always on top” option in Cubase VST Plug In preferences is not sufficient.

Thanks and regards,
(FYI, I use Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit and the 64 bit Play plugins)