Duplicate all parts in all tracks in range

I wonder if there is an easier way to do this other than drag a selection box around all parts down 32 tracks and then alt dragging.

I read up a bit on the arranger track and know I can tell it to play a part twice and that works, but what if I want to create a new part based on an existing and just edit one thing? Typically I have to drag a box around all of them, alt-drag, and then go edit. I am wondering if there is a way to get rid of the huge box selection step.

ctrl-A will select all the parts in the project window (or notes in the Key Editor etc.) just like it does in most Window’s applications.

ctrl-D will duplicate all selected items

Yea, but I don’t want all. I want bars 4 through 8 for example.

Read the manual page 180 is what you require.

In Key Commands/Edit there are a bunch of selection commands including Select in Loop. Assign a key to it and use that.

My page 180 says:

Moving with the Object Selection Tool
1.In the Project window toolbar, click Object Selection.
2.In the event display, click the events or parts you want to move, and drag to a new position.
You can only drag events to tracks of the same type.
3.Optional: Hold down [Ctrl]/[Command] while dragging to restrict movement either horizontally or vertically.

Which is not what I want. I don’t want to have to select every individual event within the range. I want everything from bar 4 to bar 8 without the extra clicks.

It’s really not a big deal. I just figured there was a quicker way, since it is something I have to do very often.

Sounds promising. I’ll give that a look see when I get home. Thanks.

A macro that does something like - loop range to selection, split loop, insert bars, select all in loop, duplicate - would accomplish what you want

The page number is wrong (maybe 180 is right for a previous rev of the ops manual). In the current manual the info you want is a few pages before 180 - I’m not at the DAW to get exact page, but look around a bit & you’ll find it.