duplicate an effect send across mutiple channels?

I usually set up drums in a Cubase project using BFD Eco in the VST instrument rack with all outputs activated. This creates a separate mixer channel for each output. I then want to put an effect send on each channel.

Is there a way to have the addition of the effect send adopted by all of the BFD output channels by adding it to just one? Must the addition of the effect send be made manually to each output channel?

I guess I could set this up in a template, but I would rather be able to add the sends as necessary after the project is under way.

Yes you can do this, cant remember what exact keypress it is but as ever you’ll find it in the manual.

Not sure this has made it into the manual actually…it was in the undocumented list of the version history pdf.

Check the Undocumented Features - Operations affecting selected channels for all the options.


Or for a quick fix just select all channels and press shift alt while selecting the send.

Page 196 of the main manual states how to do it.

Thanks. Interestingly I tried adding both vst plugin and an effect send using the shift-alt (have to open the Edit Channel Settings window before selecting multi channels) and it worked in Artist 6.0.6 even though the documentation says it is a Cubase only feature.

What I cannot seem to do is set the effects send level to a starting value for multiple channels. Even using shf-alt, I have to set the send level individually for each channel which kinda makes the feature little less useful, imo