Duplicate and Move to Staff Request

I’ve been using the Duplicate and Move to Staff features, but it would be nice if there was a Move to Specified Staff and Swap with Specified Staff feature. I have an arrangement of a song for TTBB, and I’m now arranging it for SATB. The music itself doesn’t need to change, but the voice does. I would love to be able to say swap staff 3 and 2 (or a similar thing), or move/duplicate/swap staff 1 and 3 for example. Moving or duplicating to the adjacent staff is great, but only addresses part of the need.



mmh, if I think about your idea: in the time I have opened a submenu and have selected the source and destination staff, I might have just selected, copied and pasted the staff. Make sure you have setup a shortkey for ‘select until the end of the flow’, this will speed up the process.
Your second suggestion of swapping two voices would be very useful, indeed.

I could definitely see the value of a swap feature. In the meantime, you can work around it by selecting the top staff, cutting it, selecting the bottom staff, alt-N to move it up, and paste top staff elements into bottom staff. As they say, it’s a doddle!

Yeah, I’ve been doing some cutting and moving, which is not too bad when it’s only two staves, but when you start to get to three or four, it’s a bit of a nuisance. Hopefully it’s something that can be included in the next release as I do a lot of work with various choirs. Thanks for the response.

A feature to swap the contents of two selected staves will be included in the forthcoming update.

“Move to specific staff” is already implemented: Edit > Cut followed by Edit > Paste. I don’t think there’s any practical way to make that a single operation.

This is a very good news for arrangers. This feature is one of the most important in my daily work, i addition to reduce/explose and filter by notes in chords.
I suggest Alt-X for the shortcut.

Thanks for the update Daniel. Just a suggestion, a dialogue that would let the user specify which staves to reassign would be great; for example, I would like to put the Tenor part in the Alto, the Alto in the Soprano and the Soprano in the Tenor. Each staff has music in it already, so an option to “reassign staves” would be great. Thanks again.