Duplicate as Quantise

When duplicating this

no body ever wants this

it’s often this

to achieve this

I see this problem plague so many producers no matter which DAW they use. That extra click and dragging back doesn’t need to happen (or the even longer alternative of doing each note separately). A simple duplicate that copies everything selected to the next quantise point would save so much time. It’s a duplication that is overlapping itself, the start of the duplicate will happen before the end of what it’s duplicating, using the quantise as it’s guide.

Ideal for converting chord pads into a chord stacato (excuse my terminology). When we shrink the long chord down to a short one and fill the gaps with the same notes. And/or creating basslines from the original chord.

The feature may already exist. I have seen users approach the task differently but nothing as speedy as a simple, DUPLICATE AS QUANTISE! It would also work nice in the main window.


Pro Tools has this as a single smart range select command. Reaper has this as a single smart range select command. Ableton has this as a single smart range select command.

Cubase says “make a macro.” :skull::ghost:

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Either a range tool in the key editor like Ableton Live or snap to grid smart duplication like Logic and Studio One.

So it’s not just me then and other DAWS actually have this simple feature? Come on Steinberg you can do it.