Duplicate Audio Files in Trash Folder

All of the audio files that are in my current project are also in my trash folder. This is taking up double the memory on my iPad. I keep cleaning out the trash folder but Cubasis creates duplicates of my audio files in my trash folder even though I haven’t deleted them.

Is that normal?

No one else has this problem? I’m getting multiple copies of my audio files in my trash folder. It seems like every time it saves it places a copy in the trash folder.

My project has 14 audio files so it’s filling up my 16GB iPad pretty quickly if I don’t keep clearing the trash folder.

i gues it is for undo operations. but i´d lke to see a “empty all” option.


I’m seeing this, too. Pretty annoying. And I’m still getting the audio stuttering, so it looks like the update didn’t address that issue either.

It seems with every update, we’re also taking one or two steps back in basic boilerplate functionality. I’d like to have an app the can at least get the very basics working. For $50, this should be running circles around my other apps. But then again, Auria is the same way. I guess the more you pay, the less stable / predictable the audio environment.

Time for me to start getting really cozy with BeatMaker 2.

I agree. I love how easy Cubasis is to use but the bugs are ruining the experience.

I think it is not a question of bugs, it is the attitude of, we want the same feature pack like a daw on a laptop.
And maybe a ipad is the wrong platform for our expectations.
I can suggest nanostudio , it is stable, elegant and good sounding.


I noticed the same problem and it is very annoying.
See here: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=40492


it is definitely not normal behavior that Audio files are duplicated in the trash folder. Files only appear in the trash after deleting them. I am unable to reproduce the issue at the moment, so I would be interested in further details about your issues. For instance: What operations cause the duplication (Undo?)? Could you provide a series of steps that I could follow to reproduce your issues? How many files are in your project? You can also send me a project where the issues occur so that I can reproduce it.

Thanks for your help and kind regards,

To test it I recording two tracks using Audiobus. One was from iFretless bass and the other was from sampletank. I also recorded a midi file from within Cubais. I’m not sure it matters where the files are from because it was duplicating audio files that I imported using the wifi server.

I tried different things to get the files to duplicate. What worked was when I mininmized Cubasis using the home button. I then double clicked the home button to bring up the running apps and then pressed Cubasis until the minus sign appeared to close the app. I closed the app and then re-opened Cubasis and the audio files from the project that I was last working on were duplicated in the trash folder. The midi file was not duplicated.

Hello guys,

We will be releasing a hotfix to solve this problem very soon. The update is already “on review” by Apple. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. thank you


The hotfix is now online! :slight_smile: