Duplicate clip and retain position??

Hey everyone –
Quick question… If I want to duplicate a clip, I’ll often select the clip while holding OPTION, drag it where I want it, release it, and then release option. Works great. But let’s say I want to place the selected clip directly above on a different track, retaining the clip’s position? What is the key command for this? OPTION + ???

When I press OPTION + CONTROL, I get this annoying tool-selector pop up (Please see attachment image, super-small b/c of Steinberg forum).

There are of course work-arounds for this – turning on snap, cutting into and duplicating / moving the cut clip, then stretching it out to its entirety – but that’s often not ideal.

Any suggestions? Perhaps the answer is OPTION + CONTROL, but I need to turn off that tool-selector thing somehow?

-Click clip
-Drag clip to desired track
-Press [Strg]+[Alt]
-release mouse button

Hey Sven
Thanks so much for the reply! I really appreciate it. That actually didn’t work for me, but your advice (mainly about pressing something AFTER you click) DID get me going on the right track. What ended up working for me:

  • Hold COMMAND
  • Click and drag clip (command keeps it in line, of course)
  • Press OPTION / ALT (which causes the moved clip to reappear in it’s original position)
  • release

Sweet! I’ve been using Cubase for over a decade, and I never knew how to do that!