Duplicate clip and retain position??

Hey everyone –
There are of course a variety of methods, but if I want to duplicate a clip to a specific spot, I’ll often select the clip while holding OPTION, drag it where I want it, release it, and then release option. Works great. But let’s say I want to place the selected clip directly above on a different track, retaining the clip’s position? What is the key command for this? OPTION + ???

When I press OPTION + CONTROL, I get this annoying tool-selector pop up (Please see attachment image, super-small b/c of Steinberg forum).

There are of course work-arounds for this – turning on snap, cutting into and duplicating / moving the cut clip, then stretching it out to its entirety – but that’s often not ideal.

Any suggestions? Perhaps the answer is OPTION + CONTROL, but I need to turn off that tool-selector thing somehow?


First start to move the event, then hold down the Alt + Ctrl (Windows) or Opt + Cmd (Mac) modifiers, please.