Duplicate Conductor Layout


I was wondering how I can duplicate a conductor layout.



You cannot, as far as I know…

There’s no feature to duplicate an existing layout precisely, but you can of course create multiple full score layouts in your project if you want to.

I must say I understand the request and would be happy to +1, if I hadn’t requested it myself last month: a client asked for both transposing and concert pitch full scores, along with the parts. The piece was 54 pages long, so recreating the layout (with breaks almost at each system) was too long (or I missed something like duplicate formatting). I ended up using save as, a version of the file with concert pitch full score, another with transposing score. Correcting typos, mistakes and making improvements proved that this method is not efficient and is quite painful.

I agree! It seems we can only copy format from an individual part to another, but not with conductor layouts.

Marc, I think breaks are copy-pastable. I recall having done that in the past. Just select everything and filter breaks (I think there is a filter for that but I’m not sure).

Yes, lucas, there are filters for breaks. I probably should have tried that route. I’ll try to think of it next time I need it, thanks !