Duplicate Flow - no Expressions played - Bug?

Has anyone the same problem when duplicating a flow that the expressions are not played?
I have to delete and set them for new. Then it works.
I do this for example to create a version for audio export when i have repeat endings (who are not played yet).
I have no idea what happens but this causes very much extra work and many mistakes.
I think it is a bug.

Rather than deleting them altogether, have you tried simply saving, closing and reopening the project? That could be enough to spur them into life.

Hi Daniel,
thank you for the straight tip. It works.
I can see that after duplicating a flow that in playmode every expression in the new flow is set to normal - but in the score the expressions are already there.
After closing and reopening the project it is played correct and also in playmode the expressions are now shown correct.
Thank you very much.