Duplicate flow with all layout: my myth of Sisyphus?

Sorry to disturb with allways the same kind of questions
I need advices: I seem to always encounter the same problems and when I search the forum, I can’t find the right solution.
The requirement would be titled: duplicate flow with all layout.
It is for educational pages that I would like with the same layout but with different content (question).
I don’t know if I have to work on the “Full score” and then duplicate or on the player and duplicate the flows?
In general I search for an hour in the forum and manual, and since I can’t find it, I duplicate the flows and adjust them one by one for two hours. And each time I want to recreate a new education theme I do the same thing: the myth of Sisyphus…
I’m still on Dorico 3.5 because 4 need internet.
copy page layout 2 to page layout 3 or something like that. Drag icon page 2 on page 3 ?
Full score



Dorico 4 only needs internet to authorise the licence. (As does 3.5.) After that’s done, it does not need the internet again.

Dorico 4 has a command to duplicate a layout.

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You can copy the page formatting from one layout to the other, but this works on the whole layout not just specific pages.

I’m curious about your page overrides, though – in the second layout, have you manually deleted text from a flow heading? You can hide flow headings in the layout if you don’t want to see them, and if you want the part’s page templates to be the same as the score, you could apply the same Default Full Score page template set to the part layout (it doesn’t have to be the Default Part set, that’s just the default).

@Lillie_Harris thanks
Do you some minutes if I post the files? I have still a new problem in it :
My solution to hide rest work in Full score but not on player:
Full score:
full score
Player: can’t hide

Here’s how to hide bar rests. It applies to all bar rests in the layout. Alternatively, remove the rest and handle any changes to note spacing manually.

(It doesn’t work in the part, because the part is allowing multi-bar rest consolidation and your engraving options are set to treat single bar rests like multi-bar rests. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to see bar rests in any empty bar, the layout option is much better than hiding each individual rest manually.)

You can post the project, but I can’t guarantee that I specifically will look at it.

I allready tried your two solutions “hide bar rest” and “remove rests” without succes.
My project use the font from here:

[type or paste code here](https://www.fontspace.com/keyboard-chord-diagram-font-f25876)

I post the file and perhaps…
Thanks again
Visualisation_Du _Clavier_vide.dorico (483.5 KB)

And what happens if you don’t consolidate multi-bar rests in the piano layout, as I added as an edit to my previous comment? Works here.


  • if you want the part layout to have the same first page as the score, either apply the Default Full Score page template to the part, or edit the part’s First page as required.

  • If you want every page to have the main title, edit the Default page template (which is used for page 2 onwards) and make it look how you want every page after the first page to look.

  • If you want the last system to be the full width of the page, change this option. No need to move the end handle manually.

  • I’d recommend putting this text (Dessiner les notes sur le graphique et les rejouer ensuite de “tête” sur le piano à différentes hauteurs:) somewhere in Project Info, so you can call it up wherever you want using the corresponding token. No need to type it out manually each time.

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@Lillie_Harris : wouah… private lesson!

  • for hide the rest, you are right : consolidate multi-bar rests to none did the job: thanks I learned something

  • last system to be the full width of the page : thanks I learned something

  • you said: if you want the part layout to have the same first page as the score, either apply the Default Full Score page template to the part and the link go the manual of version 4:
    bad news for me at this moment, because no Page Template section in Page setup/Page setup in version 3.5 : Hope that we can soon transfer licence without internet Offline activation and used my bought version 4.

great thanks again to have taken time for me: coffee on buymeacoffee.com ?

For 3.5, replace “page template” with “master page” globally. See here.

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