Duplicate Font styles in dialogue box

I have accumulated duplicates of certain entries in my Edit Font Styles dialogue menu. I have attached a zip of the file that demos this.

It’s not too much of a problem except when I need to make an adjustment, and if you open the file you can see that
with the number of entries listed, editing could be time consuming. Not sure what I did to make this happen.

Any help/advice welcome.
allen file - edit font styles dialogue problem.dorico.zip (624 KB)

perhaps I should attach a small pic to illustrate… this one is the chord symbols music text font. I have another equally weird one for Petaluma.

chord symbols music text font.png.zip (632 KB)

Thanks for attaching the project. I think what’s happening is that Dorico is being somewhat overzealous when saving your project default chord symbols, and for each chord symbol you save, it’s saving another instance of the ‘Chord Symbols Music Text Font’ font style, which is obviously not ideal. We’ll look into sorting this out in a future version.

Thanks Daniel. Will look forward to that improvement in a future version.