[DUPLICATE] GUI missing elements until moused over

So, I’ve had a weird thing pop up in the past couple of days. Whenever I load up Cubase, the GUI doesn’t show items (buttons, images, etc) unless I mouse over them (which only sometimes works).

I’ve disabled 3rd party plugins with no change. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase on my Mac (Sonoma).

See the screen shots for what I mean. Any idea on how to fix this? Is it a problem with Sonoma? Do I need to delete some preference files somewhere? Any help would be much appreciated!

With some luck it’ll be fixed in macOS 14.1, so you’ll probably just have to wait a bit now.

Frustrating, but I guess nothing that we can do about it yet.

I didn’t see the other issues when I was making my post. Closing this one since it’s already a known problem.