duplicate "in place" or "relative"

Is there a way / shortcut to duplicate “in place”?

Example: Say I have a kickdrum which is one 8th note long. I want to copy this easily to every quarter note in the arrangement window, so I have a kick drum on every beat. Ofcourse I can alt / drag or copy paste - whatever - but Protools has a nice keyboard shortcut to copy and paste at the next “logical” place, say next quarter note. If i duplicate, using ctrl + d, the audio event gets placed at the end of the previous one - no worky.

I like posts like zis, zey get ze little grey cells going…

  1. If you “Edit in Place” you can copy a selected range and duplicate with Ctrl-D within the existing part and even beyond it but no new parts are created. No good if all the drums are in one part.

  2. Does Step Edit do it for you? (p.388)

That key-press sounds useful!

Can be done with a macro and a couple of seperate key commands.