Duplicate Layout and Transposition override disabled - so how do I do it?

I need to duplicate a Trumpet in B parts layout to a Trumpet in C. So I need two transpositions for the same part. I would like to keep the part layout etc.

In the steinberg help, in several online tutorials, these should be done by entering setup mode, right clicking on the layout, and use the options “duplicate layout” and “clef and transposition override”.

However, when I right click on the layout, these options aren’t there. When I use the menu bar on top, these options are there, but they are greyed out and not useable.

So how do I do it? How do I activate these options?

What version of Dorico do you have – Pro, Elements, or SE? Clef and transposition overrides are a Pro-only feature, I believe.

I have Dorico Pro 4.

Is it definitely running as Pro? If you bring up the “about Dorico” window what does it say? (as it’s possible to have a Pro license but startup Dorico as Elements or SE by holding modifier keys down while it opens)

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It sais
Dorico Pro 4
Version (Mar 10 2023)

Ah, a thought has occurred to me: when you say you’re right-clicking on a layout, what side of Setup mode are you doing that on? The left, or the right? Because the left panel in Setup mode is for Players, the right panel is for Layouts.

Players = a representation of a person who can play either one or multiple instruments
Layouts = the paginated display of the music belonging to the players assigned to the layout (because although a part layout generally correlates to one player, you can show the music of multiple players in one layout)


that did the trick! I marked the player on the left and not the layout on the right.
Thank you very much

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wonderful intuition.

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(It is courteous to apply the solution tick to the poster of the solution, rather than yourself)


@Janus, thank yor for the advice.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the system.

Mea culpa!