“Duplicate Layout” on iPad version 2.1

I am away for one day only and decided to leave my MacBook Pro at home and just take the iPad for emergencies.

As it happened, a customer just asked for an additional part for his trombone player with C4 clef instead of the existing g8 clef.
I loaded my project and, in Setup Mode, looked for the “Duplicate Layout” function - which I could not find. So it is probably not implemented in the iPad version 2.1.

I then created a New Part Layout, added the appropriate Tenor voice player, did the clef change (and had to shift the music by an octave, which happens to be necessary under these circumstances) and choose “Propagate Layout”.
For some reason this function did not work as expected, no matter which of the available options I choose. May be the Propagate Layout function isn’t 100% finished on the iPad version 2.1 - despite being present?
Anyway, I just setup a new Layout, did some Note Spacing change and two “Make into Frame” - and finally exported as PDF and was able to send the desired part - to make trombone players life a bit more comfortable…

Correct, Duplicate Layout is only included in Dorico Pro, and not in Dorico Elements, Dorico SE or Dorico for iPad (either with or without an active subscription).

As for Propagate Part Formatting, I find it works as expected on the iPad version.

Daniel, I replicated the procedure, and this is my result (screenshots).
Original layout (here with C4 tenor clef).

Now I make a new layout, choose the same player, then propagate part layout with these settings:

This is the resulting layout:

If you wish me to send or upload the project, please let me know.
[edit] sorry, this was user error.
This piece has so many similar sounding players that I choose the wrong layout…
So actually everything works as expected: