Duplicate Marker Track and 'Other' track types

It would be great to be able to duplicate all track types. Especially the Marker track. I am often working on a track where the marker track is not visible and having an extra Marker track without needing to manually duplicate it it would be great.


I agree with the Marker track, where you can have multiple Marker tracks in the project.

But there cannot be more than one Tempo, Signature and Chord track in the project.

Maybe Track Versions might work for your use case.

toggle track list and then the marker track will always be visible in top of arrange page (as long as you have the split screen active).

Glad you agree. Regarding the Tempo track, it would not be an ‘additional’ Tempo track but more an alternative location to edit the same Tempo track e.g. Tempo track in Key Editor.

Do you mean use the PLE to toggle different track visibility configs? Because that is not ideal, as the main reason for the request was to quickly play from a certain Marker.

You already have multiple marker tracks in Nuendo, you choose wich is active at any given time, I do find some uses for them. Maybe it will trickle down to cubase in a future version?
But if the problem is it being always visible, why not divide the track list, toggle the marker track to the upper half, and it will always be visible while scrolling tracks on lower half? Even these “halves” are resizeable, so it wouldn’t take almost any space.

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There are multiple Marker Tracks in Cubase too since Cubase 10 (or something like this).

There’s also the marker lines that run a (possibly) coloured line down through the project.

But I’m guess it’s seeing the descriptions of markers that interests @JBuck here, and not so much the positions of the markers in time.

This works. Cheers :grin: