Duplicate MIDI note range retaining relative positioning

Hi, coming from Ableton I am hoping for a little help:

I’m looking for a quick way to build up MIDI patterns in the MIDI editor (especially drum patterns in the drum editor) like i can do in Ableton Live. In Live, you can for example program half a bar, select that range and duplicate (or have a key command for duplicating based on the loop range), then modify some notes and repeat the process until you have a pattern length of your choice.

  • The part/clip gets extended to include the duplicated MIDI notes automatically
  • copying a range retains relative positioning and breaks/pauses (if you duplicate a bar range with notes only on the first two beats, the duplicated notes also get inserted at the beginning of the next bar, retaining the pause after the first two beats)

It seems, i can’t access the range selection tool in any midi editor, which i was hoping could give me the exact same behavior :frowning: I can only select a range of notes with the selection (arrow) tool and when i duplicate that, the newly inserted notes get pasted directly after the last selected note, not leaving space other than the quantize grid setting.

Thanks for help!