Duplicate Midi Notes starting next full Grid

I’m comming from Ableton and I’m used to dublicate my midi notes accustomed to the next grid. It looks like Cubase is just dublicating directly next to the last midi note which forces me to shift the duplicated midi note block to the next grid start. Isn’t there another work around to copy midi notes such easily as in Ableton? Thanks and happy weekend.

Yeah, that is super annoying. Here are the 2 workarounds I use, although both are kinda clunky. Lets say you want to have the notes in 2 bars repeat to fill out 8 bars.

  1. In the Key Editor add an extra dummy note that is 2 bars long and an octave or two above or below the real part. Often, but not always, I’ll mute this note. Then select both the real and dummy notes, hit ctrl+d three times to fill out the 8 bars. Now you can delete the dummy notes, or if they are muted you can just leave them. Typically I’ll leave the dummy notes until I’m finished editing and then run an LE preset to Delete all muted notes. This sounds more complicated to describe that it is to actually do.

  2. In the Project Window create a Part that is 2 bars long and edit it to add the notes you want. Next duplicate the Part three times and glue those four Parts together.

Hi Raino, great this are valid suggestions and probably used to each Cubase user when worked this way. Anyway habits are often obstacles to overcome and my opinion is the one obstacle can change your way of thinking :slight_smile:. I’m very familiar with Ableton but I really believe in Cubase is the better DAW for me in the future when it comes to projects. For quick and dirty jamming, the Ableton is the was to go for me… Anyway, I believe DAW companies could more collaborate in some very useful features they own each of them specifically and they don’t must necessarily see themselves as competitors to stay different. The keyeditor of Ableton has some nice features that Steinberg could have a work around.