Duplicate/Move to Staff Above/Below not working on single line percussion staves - Page/Galley view

Hi folks,

The title pretty much asks the question I guess. Is this a limitation?Bug? or am I doing something wrong here? I do have my own custom key commands (alt+shift+a/d) for this but it doesn’t work when I also use the proper command from the Edit menu either. Would be handy to quickly copy a B.D hit to a tam-tam etc. Cheers Simon.

Forgive me if this isn’t appropriate, but I scrolled down and couldn’t find my post in the list of recent posts on the Latest Dorico Topics page. I actually made a post after this particular topic and received quite a few responses on that one. When I searched ‘Duplicate’ in the search menu the post didn’t appear either. Instead of double posting which I’ve seen is not encouraged I thought I’d reply to my own message to see if the post pops up In the list. Apologies in advance if this annoys anyone! Cheers Simon.

I’m not sure that you can use this feature with percussion staves yet but it’s highly likely I’m wrong.


If you need to find a previous thread of yours (or those that you’ve posted on), you can click on your profile and go to Activity.

Indeed the Duplicate commands do not work between percussion and pitched instruments. But you can still Alt-click to copy. Percussion notes copy to the target pitch of the clef.

Yes. Alt-Click doing the job! I’m still happy enjoying edit-filter notes and rests - command-8 change multiple velocities in the properties window! Yes Yes Yes! I think I may have been a bit greedy on this duplicate/move on single percussion lines one. I’m sure it won’t be long! Thanks guys! Cheers Simon.