Duplicate part

1- When I duplicate a part, the duplicated part is inserted before the part I want to duplicate. It is better to add the duplicated part after and not before.


2- Similar behavior when you drag&drop a layer from MEDIA BAY. The layer is inserted at the beginning. Idem for loading a song. (maybe there is other way to have this behavior, I did not tested all the ways).

3- When I duplicate a part with Shared instrument, sometimes the Shared instrument is well duplicated, sometimes no… I don’t know how to reproduce exactly…

In your text editor, when you insert something it is inserted before the selected item (or cursor). All document based apps work that way. It’s a tricky issue, sometimes you want to insert after but how would you insert the very top then?
Duplicate we changed by user request so the duplicated item is inserted after the selected one (except for the last entry).

Different behaviors :

  • A duplicated song is inserted after the selected one
  • A duplicated part is inserted before.
  • A duplicated layer is inserted at the end.