Duplicate Parts (MIDI & Audio) vs. Copy Parts

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if there is a simple way to see if a part (midi, or audio) is duplicated versus copied? Editing functions behave very differently in duplicate versus copy. I did’t find anything in the ops doc.



Duplicating and copying really are just 2 different ways to do the same thing, although duplicating does let you create multiple copies all at once. Editing will be the same independent of if the new part was created using duplication or copying.

The difference in editing I’m guessing you are referring to (since you don’t specify) is probably related to shared copies. If you alt+drag a part this will create a regular copy. This new part is totally independent from the original part. You can edit either of them however you wish. However if you alt+shift+drag a part it will create a shared copy - which are essentially 2 (or more) instances of the same part. If you edit one shared copy those changes will occur in all the parts. Shared copies have an “=” sign in the upper right corner of the parts. For more details see the OPs manual.