Duplicate percussion kit

What I want to to do is separate parts of my single kit into 3 separate staves… one for just the toms, one for just the snare (different articulations on different lines in this case), and one for just the feet. e.g., instead of one kit with one 5-line staff… I end up with 3 5-line staffs.

I was thinking I could duplicate each kit… then delete from each what I don’t need… but I don’t see a copy / duplicate option for kits.

I found I could instead export the kit, then import it onto another player…

This achieved my objective.

However, got me thinking… what is actually happening here.

I found that if I had just duplicated the player, the kits that each player has are independent… which is actually a good thing in this case.

However, it seems that, therefore, it is not possible for two users to ‘share’ the same kit definition.

Not sure when I would actually need/want that (perhaps if writing a drum kit duet?).

Anyway, just wanted to validate my understanding… and perhaps wrap my head around any rationale that is helpful to remember the behavior in the future.


Every player’s percussion kit is independent. Even if you start from the same initial setup (e.g. Dorico’s default Drum set (basic) kit), any change you make in Edit Percussion Kit is local to the kit assigned to that player.

Even if you duplicate the player, each new player has a new, independent percussion kit, and changing something in Edit Percussion Kit for that player won’t change the kit for any other player holding nominally the same kit.

Great. Thanks for the confirmation @dspreadbury !