Duplicate, Phantom rests with TAB part layout

Although they do not appear in the full score layouts, duplicate, phantom rests are appearing in the corresponding part when I use multiple voices associated with TAB notation. No way to get rid of the duplicate without hiding the desired partner rest in the staff.

This seems to be associated with adding the Rhythm stems to the TAB in Layout > Players > Fretted Instruments.


froggieWentAcourtin240413 - solo.dorico (911.6 KB)

The rests are showing twice, once for the regular notation and once for the tablature. I’m not sure why the rests associated with the tablature are being forced so far outside the tablature, but that’s where they are coming from. You can’t use Remove Rests to get rid of them, as that will also remove them from the notation staff, so you’ll need to employ an alternative approach, such as making them transparent via overridden colour.

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