Duplicate playing technique - bug?

Hi, I’m noticing some strange behaviour when duplicating a playing technique.

  1. With nothing selected, click + or the pencil sign in the playing techniques side bar to open the Edit Playing Techniques dialogue. (Delete the resulting “New Music Symbol”.)
  2. Click on the playing technique that you would like to duplicate. Click “New from Selection”. Result: a blank form where it is impossible to populate any of the fields (pic below)
  3. Click again on the playing technique you want to duplicate. Click “New from Selection” again. Result: an actual duplicate of the selection, which can be altered as desired.

Once you reach step 3, it seems that the bug is fixed until you close out of the Edit Playing Techniques dialogue. Upon opening this dialogue again, the problem repeats itself.
I’m creating a bunch of playing techniques this morning, just duplicated this 10 times in a row. Anyone else experiencing this?

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