Duplicate Playing Technique

When I duplicate a Playing Technique (open editor, choose one from list, press duplicate button), I have some troubles with the new copy, see this screen shot:

  • I created a new PT “Solo 1…” and made a copy of it.
  • Even though I changed the copy’s name to “Solo 2…”, the way the technique displays is not being updated (the big white area still reads “Solo 1”)
  • Even though I have saved and closed the dialog window before, the PT list on the right still lists “Solo 1” twice, the name has not been updated there either.

This is not only true for my freshly created “Solo 1” PT, but can also be reproduced with the other PTs that came with Dorico.

I think you might be changing only the popover text, and not the actual text that is displayed in the playing technique.

Hi, Daniel!
If you have a (very) close look at the picuter, you can actually see that the “Name” at the top as well as the “display text” (“Eingeblendeter Text” in German) has the “2” in it.
Is there anything else I can do to make Dorico reconsider my inputs or did I miss a field I have to fill in?

Yes, edit the ‘Text’ field that actually determines what text appears in the score.

Oh my…
Thanks - and have a nice Sunday :slight_smile: