Duplicate playing techniques


When I double click a playing technique, for example ‘vib.’, the popover opens. If I then click elsewhere to close the popover, the playing technique duplicates itself and I get a stack of 'vib.'s

I’m using Dorico Pro 3.5 on a Mac.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum, sammys. I’m not quite sure how I’d never spotted this, but at some point I (consciously or unconsciously) learned that Escape is the best way to leave a popover without altering anything.

Yes, this has also been my experience with PT since I started to use Dorico. I always wanted to report it but as Leo I just got used to it.
So thank you sammys!

For me it is weird because when I want to edit a dynamic, I can double click and change the content in the popover.
When I want to do the same with a playing technique (changing upbow to downbow, or trying out between different mutes), I always need to delete the old one.

As this kind of changes are quite common in arranging and composing, I think the request is not ungrounded.

It makes sense to have multiple playing techniques on the same note (e.g. down bow + con sord + poco vibrato). It doesn’t make sense to have multiple dynamics on the same note.

Since you can define your own playing techniques, there is no way Dorico can know which ones are mutually exclusive.

thanks rob.

I know that, and when I want to add a playing technique, I can do so by invoking shift-p.
BUT: when I double click a PT, it invokes the popover and automatically fills the content with the PT I clicked on - suggesting, that I am about to edit this Playing Technique.
All the other popovers behave “normally”, in that I can change their content by double clicking respective elements. But most of them (clefs, key signatures etc.) can only contain one element per rhythmich position. So I think while your analysis is correct, I don’t think it really justifies this behaviour.

Yes, a couple of the popovers work in this unhelpful way; ornaments behaves the same way. It’s a rough edge that we hope to smooth off in a future version.

Just to refresh the subject.
This duplication problem is annoying, especially when writing clas. guitar scores. E.g. a string’s number is a common item that you may decide to edit. Also, positions, barree etc… all these are technique signs that we use a lot and especially when you have created custom position and barree signs including roman numbers (eg I,II,V, CI, CII, CV, ½CV), editing the number would be a better option than duplication (which also gives the impression of a “bug”, as it is different from the behavior in all other items).
Maybe using a modifier key for duplication or for editing would be a solution (e.g. Alt+double-click)

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