Duplicate presets for padshop and retrologue

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to reset the presets for padshop and retrologue. For quite a few versions of cubase my padshop and retro have 2 copies of the same preset. I was wondering how i could reset it thank you.

if anyone could suggest anything would be appreciated thank you

It happens when the same preset files are installed in two different folders
I had the same problem and this is how i solved it.

I checked Media bay- Factory Content- VST3 Presets- Steinberg Media Technologies -padshop, retrologue section
right clicked the presets and clicked ‘show in explorer’ then the folders opened

one folder is at C: - Users- Username- AppData- Roaming - VST3 Presets -Steinberg Media Technologies

another at C: ProgramData- VST3 Presets - Steinberg Media Technologies

You can delete preset files Either in app data or program data folder.
I deleted preset files in app data folder and the duplicate presets names were removed also.
but the ratings that i had on previous presets were all reset

hope that helps

Any idea how to do this on a Mac please?
Thank you

Fixed it:
Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg delete this folder.
This might help someone else.