Duplicate question

Hi, is there a way to duplicate, but in front of the current pattern?

For example say I have a 4 bar loop of drums on bars 12-24 and I wanted to duplicate them to be on 8-12? So it is a duplicate but goes to a previous bar? I hope that makes sense. All I have done in the past is duplicate and move with my mouse. But… If there is a way to duplicate then I could eliminate a step :slight_smile: Workflow babay

I don’t know if there’s a shortcut out there.
But what I’ll usually do is:
ctrl+C the 4 bars,
“stand” on the 8th bar(the vertical line…:sweat_smile:is it called ‘Time line’?)
And ctrl+V to paste it so that the beginning of the bars will start at the timeline

But wait for the pros to come, maybe there’s an easy key command^^